We have always done things a little differently. Some catering equipment companies consult and design, a few project-manage and install, others just supply. We always felt this was a bit long winded, and fortunately; so do our clients.
We ensure our clients deal with one team from start to finish. no bucks passed, no errors in communication, from concept to commission.

About Us

A family business central to food and beverage operations throughout the UK



Design review and approval


Project Management


Supply and installation


Comission and after sales


Who we are

The Rees name has been associated with the commercial catering industry for over 40 years. In that time we have overseen some of the biggest commercial kitchen designs and installations in the country. We have longstanding relationships with established restauranteurs, hotel groups, stadia and construction companies, who rely on us to design, supply and install their commercial kitchens based on their requirements. We have increased turnovers with our designs, we have realized bespoke visions of world renowned chefs, We have provided the infrastructure for blue-chip companies to feed their staff in their hundreds. And for our stadia, we make sure their food and beverage operation can handle the odd 30-50,000 for lunch.


We provide a turnkey solution to our clients, we understand that their schemes require more than just new equipment . We assess your requirements be it reusing and relocating, expansion of an existing setup, modifying an operations to suit a new initiative or generating a bespoke setup from scratch. Below are the elements of a job we work with every day, all or some of these may be just what you’re after.

Prime Cooking

Direct with all major manufacturers from induction to combi ovens chargrills to suites


From Undercounter bottle fridges to / bespoke cold room manufacture / blastchillers to cold prep areas


RO glasswashers to heavy duty rack machines Primary installers for industry leader


Bespoke fabrication of canopies and service spines fire rated duckwork ventilation experts and plant fitting


Custom fabrication to best suit your site and your demands


Hygienic wall cladding to resin flooring, minor excavations, partition walls and hygienic ceilings


Stainless steel underbars, icemakers to speed rails

Counter tops buffet

hot cold ambient bespoke custom fabrication and reorganization of existing schemes to improve flow

Waste management sytems

primary installers for industry leading foodwaste management systems throughout the uk including envac and gts

A few facts about us

Fully qualified cscs project management available at every site

Foreseeing the problems, uncovering the solutions

The oldest name In foodservice

(over 40 years of industry experience globally).

Keeping clients up to date with all the latest technological advancements

Contactable 7 days a week in line with your operational requirements

Direct with our clients 24/7

Contactable 7 days a week in line with your operational requirements

Multiple disciplined engineers

On site welding and stainless modification, gas, electrical, plumbing

Used by Clients / Consultants /Main Contracters and Manufacturers throughout the UK

Primary installers and PM to some of the largest manufacturers in catering equipment


Design and consultancy

Commercial kitchen design is fundamental for any food and beverage operation to be a success. Our team have drafted literally hundreds of schemes over the years from niche cuisine inner city restaurants to schools catering for upwards of 2000 pupils. We have years of experience in business and industry, stadia, holiday parks, pubs, restaurants, marine vessels and central production kitchens. We work alongside the client to assess and distinguish their needs and wants, whilst ensuring overall budgets and timeframes are met. Regular project meetings and factory visits allow the project to be honed to their exact brief, ensuring the best result for their commercial kitchen or bar.

Equipment Supply and installation

As a whole of market distributor, with an established track record, we are able to negociate substantial discounts on most equipment, from respected catering equipment companies from within the sector. The bulk of our business is with associated market leaders in both, medium and heavy duty catering equipment. The majority of our clients source their equipment form ourselves because the savings offered are substantially more than they would achieve either directly or through a competitor. We place ourselves at the head of the market by passing on more savings to our clients than most, so the client stays with us throughout the course of the careers in food and beverage. Once the project is underway our team of fully certified gas, ventilation, electrical, refrigeration and plumbing engineers, ensure installation and commissioning is as hassle free as possible

Project management

Throughout any scheme of significant size or compressed completion framework, the caliber of project management is fundamental. Only with regular site meetings and schedule review throughout can any project be completed as plans. Our project management team is so experienced it is often subcontracted independently by a number of our equipment supply competitors and Manufacturers directly to ensure their programs run smoothly. We liase with Clients, Mechanical and Electrical Consultants, Surveyors, Main Contractors and Chefs throughout to ensure the brief doesn’t veer from the original scheme and the problems that crop up are overcome with as little delay as possible. Only by experience are you aware of the pitfalls that may surface and subsequently the best solution. And there are few more experienced than ourselves

Customized s/s fabrication

Every successful catering operation requires the maximizing of existing space for preparation, mise en place, warewashing, cooking, servery and plating up, particularly coference and banqueting. Our custom stainless steel fabrication ensures the layout of any commercial kitchen space is best suited to its operation and all its key elements maximized most effefctively. Our fabricators construct to match profiles of existing cook lines at request to ensure a flawless cooking line. Our clients regularly request bespoke units which we see through to production.

Waste Management Systems

Large industrial food operations emcompasing multiple independent outlets often request a fully integreated foodwaste management system throughout the core infrastructure of their build. We have worked alongside some of the largest food operations in the uk to design and locate optimal piprun routes in new developments and retrofitting to existing sites. Pipework runs in 4inch stainless steel and connection to heavy duty vacuum and pumping systems over any required distance. The Significant energy saving and reductions in landfill expenditure are quantified for all our clients.



We provide a turnkey solution to our clients, we understand that their schemes require more than just new equipment . We assess your requirements be it reusing and relocating, expansion of an existing setup, modifying an operations to suit a new initiative or generating a bespoke setup from scratch. Below are the elements of a job we work with every day, all or some of these may be just what you’re after.

Stages A-C

  • Catering design brief and budget
  • Space allocation for all areas
  • Designation of areas and space ratios
  • Restrictions for service access/egress
  • Produce 1:50 scale plans with itemised legend for all areas
  • Services schedule detailing mechanical, electrical service drawings
  • Plan showing drainage requirements
  • Report on catering design proposals

Stages D-G

  • Detailed service drawings for each item of equipment on the approved plan layout
  • Written specification of all items of equipment's capacity, size
  • Specification submitted to Client and general contract conditions agreed
  • Co-ordinate meetings with the Design Team
  • Issue tender documentation

Stages H-L

  • In depth evaluation and report of submitted tenders
  • Liaise and co-ordinate with the appointed Project Contractor and the development team
  • Fabrication specific factory visits to appraise and review
  • Following completion of production to ensure initial specification and standards are met
  • Check submitted Operation & Maintenance manuals and report any discrepancies or deficiencies to Kitchen Contractor/Client.

Work with us

Our clients use us for their specific needs, some have established links with specific suppliers and rely on our team to manage the projects designed by their team. Others require our skillset to design and price full schemes for their own tender-work knowing that they will not come unstuck at build stage.

Others want us to see their commercial kitchen scheme through from design to commission. To have one point of contact to ensure the scheme doesn’t divert from its original goal. To utilize our expertise in all facets

Whichever you may need - get in touch. We can probably help

Keep in touch

Communication. That’s what it boils down to. Larger companies put you through to switch boards, area sales managers, designers, purchasers. Our clients are direct with the decision maker on each project, their calls are actioned instantly. It makes us reactive. It makes you happy.


What our clients are saying about us

Thank you again for an amazing job .... It's good to see people still taking pride in their work these days

To all the Rees Associates team - Thank you for all your hard work and support throughout 2013

I watch how other people do business in this industry and laugh, we have it so easy working with you guys; I specify a need, you provide the best solution, you do the work as planned - on time and on budget.

You're always our first port of call, you're reactive to our needs and a pleasure to deal with. I would recommend you, and do, to everyone with any catering needs

The Rees Blog

Don't miss our post

Ok, I’ll admit it. To the majority of people - Talk of service spines, distribution boards, hygienic wall cladding and the latest in fryers, fridges and combination ovens isn’t going to ‘float their boat’.

Throughout London there seems to be a continuing theme. Some of the most successful restaurants in London at the moment have a similar premise. Do what you do best. Do it well. Do very little else.

As any food and beverage operator is aware, there is a multitude of commercial catering equipment on eBay. There is a raft of combination ovens, commercial fryers, industrial chargrills, induction hobs, rack machines, and enough canopies and baffle filters to cover the o2 arena.

Our clients

We've been doing this for over 40 years here's a small snapshot of clients that have used us in the past.

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