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Ok, I’ll admit it. To the majority of people - Talk of service spines, distribution boards, hygienic wall cladding and the latest in fryers, fridges and combination ovens isn’t going to ‘float their boat’.

It appeals to ME, but I’ve always been a bit different. .

So. Here’s what we’re going to try and do.

You are going to; out of mild curiosity, continue to read this to see where it goes. And I;

I am going to try and focus this blog on giving you guys an idea of what goes on ‘Back of House’. What sort of problems chefs and F and B managers come across, and why they contact us. If you’re one of them you’ll be nodding aggressively at your screen over the coming months. If you’re new to all this it may give you budding restauranteur and bar owners out there an idea of what to look out for. (Incidentally if your thinking about maybe opening a restaurant, and have no f and b experience; don’t. its 20 times harder than you think, 10 times as expensive and you will probably [85%] fail. As you fail you will lose a truckload of money and, as a byproduct, never enjoy eating out again. GOOD LUCK though and please consider us for your project)

We’re a unique breed in this industry. We’re up at 5am and home at 8pm (HA! Chefs, make that 1am). We get paid a pittance and annoy our Spouses. When everything runs smoothly no one notices you, but when something goes wrong –and it always does, I’m sorry but it does - we have to react instantly or your turnover/stock is crippled, and I mean crippled.

But we love it – we get a job satisfaction akin to that film ‘Men in Black’. No one knew we were there, but that was the best meal you ever ate.

Compliments to the chef!

Thanks to the waiting staff!

What a fantastic Maitre D!

Compliments to the commercial kitchen designer – HA!!

It’s a good job they incorporated that blast chiller and altered the flow dynamics to give chef more free stations to prep?… oh, if I had a nickel for every time…

Anyway you get the idea. No one loves us and it’s a real hard slog. But you know what? The people that do well in this trade never leave, they may move roles, but they never leave the trade. We’ve had relationships with F and B directors COOs and restaurant manger s in excess of 20-30 years. There’s something addictive about this trade - it takes hold of you, takes you to some of the most unique and extraordinary sites in the world; and as soon as you get back of house, you feel instantly at home. This is where we belong, realizing the visions of those mad enough to get involved with this industry. Providing the infrastructure to ensure the customers being catered for are, well, catered for.

Anyway I'm rambling. I will try and give you, the 5 people actually reading this an idea of what you don’t see in this industry;

What the major stadia of the world are doing so you’re fed properly and your coffee isn’t powdered down, burnt ProPlus

What the latest trends are in inner city dining, and how they are met

What steps you can be taking to sort out your issues back of house.

AND - *envisage escalating drumroll* Ideas to increase turnover – free of charge! No consultancy fee! Like I said, I’m a bit different.

All I ask in return is that you encourage others to read this, spread the word there’s this guy that thought it’d be interesting to write about stainless steel prep benches and glass-washers that eliminate the need to polish. Oh and obviously, when you, or they, need help with a project - get in touch.

We’ll be blunt, abrupt and honest. It’s how Pops would want it. If we can help we will, if we can’t, we won’t waste your time; after all I’m busy, I’ve got a pointless blog to write. ☺