Waste management solutions at local level. At the end of the working week, chances are your bins are filled with left over packaging, 90% of which is food produce packaging.

Award winning sustainability brand Unpackaged has offered a green solution to those urbanites wanting to make a difference. The concept is simple. Bring your own containers and buy local produce. The environmental impact is massive. Eliminate all food waste packaging from the home.

Working with Unpackaged, we were tasked with designing a cafe kitchen able to produce quality food, whilst ensuring the carbon footprint of the space was kept to a minimum. The challenge was to deliver the cost effective solutions required by any fledgling business, but ensure from the outset every decision was made considering environmental impact.

From the methods of extract filtration, the layout of the cooking suite, the maximising of refrigeration space whilst minimising energy usage, Rees Associates worked alongside Unpackaged to find the most energy efficient solution. It was this project that inspired our Green Review Consultation for our clients and pushed us to working alongside The Carbon Trust to offer funding solutions for all commercial kitchen design projects that could reduce carbon emissions.

Catherine Conway inspired this commercial kitchen supply company to evolve, we urge you to do likewise.

Next time you're in East London, I'd recommend popping in for some of the finest organic food that side of the square mile. Just don't ask for a doggy bag.

  • Project Value:£30,000