Nigh on 30,000 people.

14 kitchens, countless buffet units and underbars supplying the food and drink demanded at an astonishing rate.

The Thomas Lord Suite Kitchen is the hub of this operation; and under the guidance of Head Chef Steve Smith produces food of exceptional calibre faithful to the traditional English heritage 'the home of cricket' deserves. Few sites demand the quality and quantity of the MCC. Our design requirements for this, and other stadia kitchen operations, is to stand the test on time. To produce kitchen designs that functionally allows the production of massive quantities of high quality end product, time and time again.

To provide on-call engineers when requested, with in-depth knowledge of the equipment, to resolve issues as soon as they occur. And its not just the food. At peak times the ground can produce upwards of 2000 cups of coffee an hour, similar with tea, and of course the occasional alcoholic beverage.

Our remit with The MCC involves not only kitchen design and equipment supply, but also a host of stainless steel commercial underbars and brewing facilities, and has done for over 10 years. This relationship has developed due to our competitive pricing, attention to detail, and most importantly availability and response time.

  • Project Value:£2,000,000
  • Year: 2005